About Us

Warner Levy is a Strategic Placement and Professional Development Consulting firm in North America for companies looking to attract and develop the best talent. We provide placement and professional development services for companies in research, development, manufacturing and distribution leveraging a network of relationships in every major city – including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Houston and Miami – Warner Levy is ideally positioned to assist fast growing companies in their quest to strategically place and develop talent with a sense of urgency and efficiency. At Warner Levy we have a knack for understanding the industries we serve and nowhere is this more important than in the engineering field. That is why our Strategic Consultants are either hired directly from the engineering industry, or are required to undergo a rigorous training program. Our Consultants study every aspect of the industry. We provide permanent placements, temps, contract and employee development training. After obtaining your P.Eng., earn the skills needed in today’s fast-growing fields of changing engineering. Strategic Consultants offers courses, training and coaching that help you step right into the professional world to advance in your career. International engineers get prepared before landing in Canada. We plan to meet the need of 100,000 engineers over the next 5 years.

Who we are:

  • We are a strategic placement and professional development firm that specializes in the engineering profession for industrial and consulting engineering companies.
  • We mainly serve the active growing market of Toronto, but we will offer our services across Canada.
  • Through a well connected network of colleagues in the engineering market niche, and a predictive screening system, we are a key part of the market.
  • Warner Levy Strategic Consultants (WLSC) is a division of Warner Levy & Company Ltd., a federally registered company, founded by R. Anthony Warner.

Who we serve:

  • With over twenty five years experience in the engineering industry in the GTA, Warner Levy is a resource of excellent contacts of both employers and candidates.
  • WLSC places a wide range of engineering positions including designers, professional engineers, project managers and directors.
  • WLSC works on a contingency basis, meaning that it will be paid on placement. This arrangement allows WLSC to work for many different clients at the same time.
  • WLSC will cater to consulting engineering firms and industrial companies. The consulting engineering firms make up the largest group of companies employing engineers. Industrial companies are now required to have licensed professional engineers on staff.

Our Mission:

  • We are a world-class strategic consulting firm for professional placement and development.
  • We provide our corporate clients with superbly matched candidates.
  • We provide professionals with practical skills that can be used every day and not merely certificates to place on a wall.
  • We tailor our programs to suit the changing needs of our clients.

Our Goals:

  • Create a recognized, world-class service-based firm for professional placement and development.