Canadian Experience Training:

In this intensive program we will give you the edge through interaction with leaders in Canadian experience, knowledge, strategies and tactics. You will learn how the Canadian engineering profession and the related laws, codes and standards have evolved and how to effectively execute engineering design and construction. You will also receive training on project articulation and technical presentation skills to help you communicate your work and ideas. Our programs include actual on-the-job experience in a Canadian consulting engineering firm allowing you to work on engineering design assignments to build your confidence with Canadian standards and improve your capability to articulate and deliver design projects and specifications.

Your Engineering Career by Design:

In this program, we build skills that promote career development for the engineer. We use a combination of classroom training in areas such as self-mastery, personal leadership and speaking skills as well as coaching and mentoring.

The Proficient Presenter (Two-Day Workshop):

All professionals know that at some point they will have to present their thoughts, ideas and concepts to other people. However most people, even those who are comfortable at speaking, are not great presenters and this could be a key factor preventing career advancement.

Time Management:

We help participants to create an additional hour each day. This program is delivered over four weeks to use spaced repetition to develop sustainable habits.

Speak for Impact (18 Hour Intensive):

A workshop for professionals looking to achieve the highest level possible in their field. You will learn the tools needed to improve your public speaking skills and create effective communication.


  • Customized marketing strategy for individuals
  • Technical guidance

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